Happy Days with the Naked Chef
by Jamie Oliver
The third book from
one of Britain's best-loved chefs. Happy Days is filled with fantastic salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads and desserts for all occasions. Liven up your cooking with this great book!


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Lamb recipes are listed below:

 Lamb casserole
Lamb Casserole
A delicious and simple to prepare casserole from letscook.co.uk.

 Shepherds Pie
A traditional English dish. Lamb in a rich sauce, topped with mashed potato and baked. Highly recommended.
 Baked Lamb with Rosemary....
.....with Redcurrant and Mint Sauce
Recipe by Delia Smith.
We consider this to be the best roast lamb recipe. Its pretty straightforward, too, as you would expect from Delia Smith.

 Lamb tagine with apricots and pumpkin
"A combination of lamb shoulder with shank meat is good in this spicy, delicious casserole, inspired by a Moroccan recipe."
 Traditional Lancashire Hotpot
Recipe by Delia Smith.
"This has acquired its name from the time when it was baked at home, then wrapped in blankets to keep hot and provide lunch for a day at the races."

 North Indian Spiced Lamb
"This dish involves sautéing juicy, tender lamb with fragrant spices."
 Lamb And Eggpalnt Pastitsio
"The Greek dish Pastitsio gets it name from pasticcio, the Italian word for "mess," no doubt because of its creamy shapelessness on the plate. With its rich béchamel and spicy lamb sauce, this is one mess anyone would be happy to clean up."
 Butterfly Leg of Lamb 2
A delicious recipe from Bears in the Kitchen. Prepare it a day in advance.
 Lamb-Shank Stew
Recipe by Nigella Lawson.
"Don't let the word stew put you off. Yes, I know it's crippled with connotations of school-dinner gristle and gluey-gravied mess, but the lamb shanks here are anything but that."

 Tray Baked Lamb
Recipe by Jamie Oliver
When you buy your racks of lamb, ask your butcher to 'French-trim' them, which means that all the bones are scraped clean - this looks nice and pretty and it cooks easier as well...

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