Happy Days with the Naked Chef
by Jamie Oliver
The third book from
one of Britain's best-loved chefs. Happy Days is filled with fantastic salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads and desserts for all occasions. Liven up your cooking with this great book!


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Beef recipes are listed below:

 Superb Roast Beef, Best Spuds...
....and Huge Yorkies.
Recipe by Jamie Oliver.
Roast beef with roaste parsnips and potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings - classic English roast dinner, brought to life by Jamie Oliver.

 Botham Burger
Recipe by Jamie Oliver.
Taken from his book "The Naked Chef", this is one tastey burger!

 Individual Steak and Kidney Pies
Recipe by Delia Smith.
"Steak and kidney is one of the most wonderful combinations of flavours I know, provided ox kidney and no other is used."

 Beef with Honey and Ginger
"Absolutely delicious - the meat was tender and my guests were amazed it was braising steak."
 Toad in the Hole
Recipe by Antony Worrall Thompson.
Traditional English recipe for baking suasages in batter.

 Oven-Braised Beef With Tomato Sauce
"This dish is simple to prepare and doesn't require constant supervision. Leftovers make quick meals throughout the week: The meat can be served hot in thick, melting chunks, carved up cold for sandwiches, or cubed for salads."

 Wild Mushroom And Onion Steaks
Recipe by Emeril Lagasse.
This recipe is from the book from Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking.

 Steak With Mushroom Sauce
"Tender, lean filet mignon steaks are panfried, then smothered in a mushroom, shallot, and port wine sauce. Either ruby or tawny port works well in this recipe."
 Beef & Guiness Stew
Recipe by Darina Allen.
"Nowadays the 'liquid food' is used increasingly in cooking. It is a tasty addition to stews and casseroles, helping to tenderize the meat and imparting its distinctive malty flavor to any dish. This recipe makes a wonderful gusty stew which tastes even better a day or two after it is made."

 Grandmother's Pot Roast
Recipe by John Ash, author of "From teh Earth to the Table".

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