Happy Days with the Naked Chef
by Jamie Oliver
The third book from
one of Britain's best-loved chefs. Happy Days is filled with fantastic salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads and desserts for all occasions. Liven up your cooking with this great book!


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Baked Puddings recipes are listed below:

 Apple Crumble
A very easy classic British recipe. The method can be adapted for almost any fruit.

 Old-fashioned apple pie
Recipe from the Australian Women's Weekly.
Home made apple pie. Fairly easy to make, and of course tastes fantastic. Serve with loads of cream or hot custard.

 Pecan pie
Recipe from the Australian Women's Weekly.
Pecan pie needs no introduction, and you'll be delighted with the results of this easy to follow recipe.

 Marvelous Chocolate Cheesecake
"I have no idea where I got this recipe as I have been making it for 20+ years, and of course, it as been "tweaked" with every baking."
 Maple-Pecan Bread Pudding
"Dating to the 1800s, bread puddings were commonly made to use up stale bread. Today they're still a delicious treat, fixed with a wide range of flavors. This one uses orange, maple, spices, and pecans."
 Creme Brulee
"Create the crackling caramel topping for this smooth, rich custard by melting sugar in a skillet on the stove top."
 Two-Nuts Chocolate Torte
Recipe by Jamie Oliver.
"This is the best chocolate nut thang around. The day after you should try crumbling it over some ice-cream with a little espresso poured over the top."

 Easy Sticky-Toffee Pudding
Recipe by Nigella Lawson.
Delicious and simple to make desert.

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