One Plate At A Time
by Rick Bayless
Bayless offers more than 120 recipes, providing traditional versions of much-loved classics like Green Chile Chicken Tamales, modern renditions of the basic repertoire, and dish "anatomies." These detail what a given dish should taste and look like, when it's best served, and how American cooks should approach its preparation. This goofproof strategy will appeal to old cooking hands and culinary gringos alike.



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Recipes by Rick Bayless are listed below:
 Green Poblano Rice
Recipoe by Rick Bayless.
"There are many versions of special-occasion green rice in Mexico. My current favorite is this one, green with the richness and welcoming spiciness of poblano chiles backed up by herbal cilantro and sweet onion and garlic."

 Wheat Flour Tortillas
Recipe by Rick Bayless.
"They are easy to make once you get the feel of the process; your rewards will match the effort, too, since they are so much better than the bready ones in the grocery-store packages."

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