Ken Hom's Hot Wok
Ken Hom, star of several BBC television cookery series including
Hot Wok, has a natural exuberance and passion for Asian food which is vibrantly evident in this delicious, entertaining and useful cookbook. Filled with more than 150 recipes that are designed to be prepared in the wok.


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Recipes by Ken Hom are listed below:
 Vegetarian Chow Mein
Recipe by Ken Hom.
A very tasty vegetarian chow mein recipe, easy to make. Gives great results as you would expect from Ken Hom.

 Ken Hom's Chinese Pancakes
Recipe by Ken Hom.
Make your own Chinese pancakes, as eaten with Chinese Peking Crispy Duck.

 Spring Rolls
Recipe by Ken Hom.
Delicous home made spring rolls make an starter or accompaniment. Try out this recipe from the world famous Ken Hom.

 Egg Fried Rice
Recipe by Ken Hom.
This rice dish is common in Chinese restaurants and makes an interesting alternative to plain boiled rice. Simple to make with this recipe, Ken Hom tells you the secrets.

 Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables
Recipe by Ken Hom.
"Stir-fried vegetables dishes should not contain more than four or five types of vegetable and they should be varied - some crisp, like green beans, others leafy, such as spinach. The art of stir-frying vegetables is knowing when to add them to the wok."

 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
Recipe by Ken Hom.
"This is a favourite of many first time diners in Chinese restaurants, and no wonder. The fragrance of fermented black bean sauce mixed with garlic and ginger is mouth watering."

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